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Frequently Asked Questions

The polygraph device (lie detector) is a scientific instrument strictly utilized during specific validated protocols and sequences, called the lie detector test. It can simultaneously record changes in several physiological variables (blood pressure, pulse, perspiration, and others) while the examinee is asked a series of questions pertaining to specific issue(s) under investigation. The data collected and the graphic charts generated during the polygraph examination are analyzed and interpreted by an experienced polygraph examiner.

Many scientific studies have found polygraph examinations to be between 86-92% accurate. Research suggests that the human ability (instinct) to detect deception is only about 50% accurate.

The Polygraph test procedure includes pre-test interview, test and post-test. Depending on the subject(s) in question and the type of format chosen, the entire procedure usually takes between 1.5 – 4 hours.

The polygraph examiner is not a medical doctor unless stated otherwise. The examinee should always consult with his/her physician prior to taking the test. Some temporary medical conditions such as the flu, dental, and other painful injuries or illnesses may require rescheduling.